Revisions May Begin at Easter Break

Preparing Public Exams (BNC and Baccalauréat)

  • One week from Sunday 22 to Friday 27 April 2018
  • One week from Sunday 29 April to Friday 4 May 2018

​At Easter Break, 4th Form and 6th Form pupils can especially train for their respective exams.

Brevet 4th Form

4th Form pupils can revise for the BNC (Brevet National des Collèges) in the three main subjects (French, Mathematics and History/Geography).

Academic Subjects

Bac L6th Form

Lower 6th Form pupils can revise for the French (literary themes, specific techniques) and Science (ES–L) National Examination.

They also attend two other classes from Mathematics, English, Economics and Physics according to their options.

Bac U6th Form

Upper 6th Form pupils can revise for the National Examination (Baccalauréat) in three main subjects according to their options.

Each class also takes a daily Learning Strategy Course. 


  • Experienced teachers to give an intensive training and a sound knowledge of the syllabus.
  • A peaceful environment to favour concentration.
Holiday Training Course Documentation (pdf)


  Preparing Exams Preparing Exams and Learning Evaluation Careers
4th Form € 690 € 965 € 150
L6th and U6th Forms € 690 € 965 € 150
Holiday Training Course Registration Form (pdf)