A Peaceful Learning Environment

Preparing Baccalauréat / Bank Holiday Ascencion Day

  • Three days from Friday 18 to Monday 21 May 2018

With the National Examination a few days ahead, it is important to be fully prepared and organised so as to gain confidence.

This three-day course particularly addresses the pupils who need

  • intensive work and concentration to get a broad but firm knowledge of the syllabus.
  • support and guidance to get ready for the tests.

It enables the L6th and U6th Formers to

  • meet with the specific needs regarding some areas of the syllabus.
  • get a thorough training by doing two mock tests in the three main subjects. 

Every means to achieve examination success is thus offered to the 6th Form students. The course also gives self-confidence and ideally completes the pupil’s independent study time.

Academic Subjects

L6th Form (L) French 3h Science 1h English 1h English Literature 1h
L6th Form (ES) French 3h Science 1h Mathematics 1h Economics 1 h
L6th Form (S) French 3h Physics/Chemistry 1h Mathematics​ 1h Biology 1h
L6th Form (STMG) French 3h Mathematics 1h Economics / Law 1h Management 1h
 U6th Form (ES) Economics 2h Mathematics 2h History/Geography 2h  
 U6th Form (S) Mathematics 2h Physics/Chemistry 2h Biology 2h  
 U6th Form (STMG) Economics / Law 2h Management 2h HR 2h  

Day’s Schedule

  8:30 /  12:45 Period 1 & 2 17:30 / 19:00 Monitored Prep Time
12:45 / 14:00 Lunch 19:00 / 20:15 Dinner
14:00 /  16:00 Period 3 20:15 / 21:15 Prep Time / Break
16:15 / 17:00 Prep Time 21:30 Dormitory
17:00 / 17:30 Break     


  • A fully available academic staff during the three days.
  • A peaceful environment to favour concentration.

This course ideally completes the Easter Break Revision and Learning Strategy Course.

Holiday Training Course Documentation (pdf)


Preparing Baccalauréat Course: € 425

Holiday Training Course Registration Form (pdf)