Monitored Prep Time

Tutoring, Monitored Prep Time and Learning Strategy Course


A weekly tutoring is offered at IBR in the main subjects for each level and class.

These lessons are given by our qualified teachers who know when it is necessary to give extra help to the pupils.

Either the teacher requests the student’s presence, or the child voluntarily asks to benefit from the lesson. Each tutoring group is composed of 4 to 6 pupils.

Monitored Prep Time

From 1st to 4th Form, the pupils can attend a monitored prep time after tea.

In that case, the teacher in charge helps a small group of children with their homework.

Learning Strategy Course

We have noticed that pupils often lack autonomy and work efficiency, even at the end of secondary school. We have also observed that very few teachers teach their pupils how to work.

This is why we have developed a syllabus dealing with learning strategy. It treats of every aspect regarding organisation and knowledge acquisition.