Backyard View of the Institut

Main Outline and Courses

The Institut Bois-Robert, a private co-educational college for children aged 11-18, is a boarding-school open throughout the academic year.

The pupils live in surroundings favourable to their well-being and self-development. They are taken care of in a peaceful environment far away from the usual enticements.


45 years of school-boarding experience

When applying for a place at IBR, every family must first have an interview with the Headmaster in order to consider the new applicant’s reports, motives, plans or weaknesses. Moreover, a minute presentation of the school is given, and to finish the family normally have a tour of the premises.

Following the interview both the family and the Headmaster may take some time before reaching a final agreement, as joining the school needs a strong and mutual commitment. Sometimes, the admission may depend on a test at the end of a holiday training course.

Holiday Training Courses

Contacts with the Parents

The Headmaster and his Academic Directors have regular phone or e-mail contacts with the families.

Every week the student’s report book is brought back home and parents can read the week’s orders as well as the Directors’ comments. As far as pastoral care is concerned, the pupil’s tutor fills in a follow-up form about his life at school, as well as about his work and progress.

Pastoral Care Full Boarding Documentation (pdf)

Lastly, two parents’ meetings are held during the academic year, yet personal appointments with the teachers can be arranged after class on Friday afternoons.

Full Boarding Registration (pdf) Medical Consent Form (pdf)


Children may register from 1st Form to 6th Form (Literature, Economics, Science and Management)

  • 1st and 2nd Forms
    All pupils take the following subjects: French, Mathematics, Geography, History, Physics, Biology and Physical Education. All students undertake a languages programme over the two years during which they learn English or German.
  • 3rd and 4th Forms
    The subjects studied are exactly the same as in 1st and 2nd Form, apart from languages, where the students must learn another foreign language from English, Spanish and German.
    At the end of 4th Form, the pupils sit for the BNC (Brevet National des Collèges) in all the subjects except for the second foreign language.
  • 5th Form
    As a compulsory core all pupils take French, Mathematics, History, Geography, Economics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry, two foreign languages and Physical Education. In addition, students choose one option from Science, Business Studies and Literature.
  • 6th Form
    In the first year (Lower 6), students specialise in a course:
    • Literature (L): pupils take French, History, Geography, two foreign languages, Physical Education, Mathematics and some Science.
    • Economics (ES): pupils take French, Economics, Mathematics History, Geography, two foreign languages, Physical Education, and some Science.
    • Science (S): pupils take French, History, Geography, two foreign languages, Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Physical Education.
    • Management (STMG): pupils take French, History, Geography, two foreign languages, Mathematics, Management & Business Studies and Physical Education.

At the end of Lower 6, all pupils sit for the National Examination in French and in Science (L and ES) and present a research work (TPE).

The subjects studied in Upper 6 are the same as in Lower 6, except that French is replaced by Philosophy.
At the end of Upper 6, all pupils sit for the French National Examination, the Baccalauréat, in all subjects.

At all levels, the curriculum is based on the National Curriculum.

Direct Debit Consent Form (pdf)