Test and Exam Schedule

A Regular Assessment to Appraise Progress

  • From 1st to 4th Form, three continuous assessments a week and an examination a term are held. In addition, the pupils have weekly tests in their different lessons.
  • In 5th Form, a two-hour continuous assessment and two tests are held every week, and there is an examination at the end of each term.
  • In 6th Form, there are two tests and a continuous assessment in accordance with the times set at the Baccalauréat once a week. There are also two mock exams a year.
Test Schedule (5th and 6th Form) (pdf) Continuous Assessment Schedule (1st to 6th Form) (pdf)

Every six or seven weeks the parents are addressed a half-term report with the teachers’ comments, and a full school report is sent each term. They are available at any time on the internet site ecoledirecte.com

ecoledirecte.com Academic Year 2016/17 Schedule (pdf) Academic Year 2017/18 Schedule (pdf)