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Some Instances of Families Trusting the Institut Bois-Robert


  • “Tivissay is now in Lower 6th Form learning Business Studies thanks to the three-week course she attended in August. The results she obtained, though not outstanding, enabled her to be more self-confident and encouraged her to work harder. Thank you so much to the academic and educative staff. It was worth the financial effort we had to make. Best wishes!” 
    Sophie C....


  • “We would like to express our greatest satisfaction regarding Jasmine’s integration in your school, the progress she has made and her far more positive and self-confident behaviour thanks to the teachers’ and educators’ care, respect and professionalism. She has also enjoyed learning again. We are ever so grateful, thank you again for all you have done.”


  • “After a long road trip back home, I am not sure I have the right words to thank you properly. Paul has found this 4th Form year quite demanding but he has evolved in a positive way thanks to all your help. I think he will keep a fond memory of the school and I will be more than ready to register him for a Training Holiday Course if need arises. Again thank you so much to all of you for your kindness and availability.”


  • “I would like to thank you for helping Antoine pass his Baccalauréat, which is undoubtedly related to your educational methods, different from traditional schools. Many thanks to the educative staff, and particularly to the English and Philosophy teachers whom Antoine spoke very highly of.”