The School Meets your Special Needs

Teaching Skills and Commitment

Small-Sized Classes to Provide Individual Support

IBR is a co-educational boarding-school for children aged 11-18. There are about 150 pupils and the average class size is 15.

This guarantees the quality of our education through a more minute and regular work appraisal, and each pupil is fully taken into account. Indeed, the relationship between the pupils and their teacher is thoroughly modified as they are aware of being helped in their learning process.


Education based on Learning Strategy to Improve Work Efficiency

The pupils who come to IBR are mostly in need of learning how to work. That is why each class follows a specific course which deals with every aspect regarding organisation and learning.

Learning Strategy Courses

Skilled and Available Staff to give back Self-Confidence

Commitment and professionalism single out our academic and educative staff. The teachers are qualified and trained to our teaching methods, thus being able to detect weak areas in the learning process.

Academic Staff

A particular care is given to knowledge acquisition at all year groups.

There are weekly tests and two or three mock exams are held during the academic year (“Brevet des Collèges” for 4th Form and “Baccalauréat” for 6th Form)

Tests and Exams Schedule

School Achievement Is the Concern of All

In our school, the staff are strongly committed so that every pupil can achieve academic success and self-development.

In that respect, we also offer tutoring. Most of the time, repeating a year can be avoided so long as a relevant evaluation has been made and appropriate solutions have been considered.