Jean-Marie Patier, Headmaster of the Institut Bois-Robert

An Interview with the Headmaster

Every year, for forty, years, parents from everywhere in France have applied for a place at your school.
Why do they choose the Institut Bois-Robert?

Either in terms of academic work or on a larger scale of education, the standardization of the French Educational system can’t face more and more complex and difficult situations such as overloaded syllabuses, crowded classrooms or particular family conditions.

In our school, we put the emphasis on small-sized classes and personalised and original educational methods. We can smoothly adapt to personal situations and meet the pupils’ needs which are new every day.

Our specific teaching skill based on the unconditional Learning Strategy Course is extremely efficient within small groups composed of twelve to fifteen pupils.

The parents can thus rightly consider that our school is the ideal place to learn in case of weaknesses.

Who are the children who register at the Institut Bois-Robert?

It is quite difficult to establish some categories. Nevertheless, three main groups can be distinguished.

  • Firstly there are some students who for various reasons have never learnt to work methodically. They have difficulties with organisation, time managing, lessons learning, exam training or concentration.
  • Secondly, another group of pupils lack a sound basic knowledge which is often the consequence of an inadequate way of working. These pupils need to revise the essential parts of the syllabus.
  • Lastly, other children have lost self-confidence. Their results are not up to their “investment”. Once more, this discouragement can be explained by a lack of skills and a superficial basic knowledge.

Why do you think a boarding-school is the most efficient solution?

Being a boarder can’t but favour the necessary peacefulness to education, sheltered from outside enticements. It is also a privileged place to acquire and develop one’s self-sufficiency.

The family environment, the ten-hectare grounds, the teachers’ availability outside the lessons, the appropriate community and sports activities are the keys to the development of self. Our school is not just a place to learn. To a greater extent, it is also a place to be educated.

How do pupils acquire a sound way of working?

As a good method of working is an essential condition to succeed, we put into practice a Learning Strategy Course. Beyond the overall lessons of organisation, this class deals with more minute aspects such as taking notes, summarizing or memorizing.

Is it possible to avoid repeating a year or being redirected?

I believe that apart from individual case or external reasons (illness, accident…), repeating a year is seldom an appropriate solution.

The same causes produce the same effects. Our number of pupils, our teaching skills and the individual follow-up can avoid what would undoubtedly happen in a traditional school.

What are the specificities of your offers this year?

Our training courses include an evaluation of weak areas in the learning process. This test has been designed by psychologists and our own teachers; it lays the emphasis on the pupils’ assets, identifies the problems and offers individual remedies.

Holiday Training Courses, Learning Evaluation, Revision and Learning Strategy

Furthermore, children can join a training course called “Summer Camps” here at Bois-Robert to improve their English with the Berlitz Method. Berlitz is a global leadership language education company which has trained over 30 million people in 120 different languages for more than a hundred years.

Mornings are dedicated to grammar work while afternoons and evenings consist of various games and activities all in the target language with native speakers only.

Summer Camps